Gray Paw Squad

* I only breed my dogs after they reach lv 25. I have, rarely bred my females with a males under lv. 25 (to dogs with excellent 24HH and or rare coats), but like I said, rarely.

* I list most of my dogs over lv 25 for breeding, but with my females I am very picky, so please do not be offended if I reject your breeding request.

*I have decided to not breed "females" more than four times now given the new changes. I will be looking into breeding requests and look at how many times a female/male has been bred. So, rejecting breeding request is possible.

* I will not be breeding males more than 6-7 times now also given the new changes.  
Starting: 10/08/17

* I'm looking into trying to breed some rare coats, good aptitudes, and 24HH genetics as well, so shoot me a message about possible breeding request, partners, or anything else breeding related.


* My main goal right now is to achieve excellent genetics with my current specialties. If you have a dog you think that would be a good breeding partner for my dog or dogs; just shoot me a message.

* I am also working on achievements, so I will have some free puppies every now and then, but only ONE puppy can be reserved per litter.


* Most sales will be public unless on rare occasion.

* I do have a set pricing system, so I rarely change my price, but am willing to hear offers if sale is Private.

* I base my prices off of genetics, how many HH a dog has, and their coat rarity.

* All dogs for sales will be locked

* I am NOT a fan of being ask to buy other player's dogs. So, please don't ask.

* I will have the some puppies that can be reserved (for achievement purposes), but I do not have an elite account, so only ONE puppy can be reserved per litter.

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