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Off, o f f with your head

Dance, dance 'til you're d ead

Heads will roll

Heads will ro l l

Heads will rol l

On the floor


Hi, I’m Vlad.

I’m 25, bi, and I live in central Arkansas in the USA

Sloth, forest dweller, world traveler, gardener, tea lover, coffee addict, Ravenclaw, chronically iLL

I apologize for any delay in art. My chronic condition (fibromyalgia) often makes it hard for me to sit at my laptop.


rGRwQE8.png Sushi

6tm2K9H.png Cats

rGRwQE8.png Reptiles

6tm2K9H.png Animation

rGRwQE8.png Colorado

6tm2K9H.png Fall

rGRwQE8.png Traveling

6tm2K9H.png Hunting

rGRwQE8.png Hiking


6tm2K9H.png The heat

rGRwQE8.png Bugs

6tm2K9H.png Kids

rGRwQE8.png Dark chocolate

6tm2K9H.png Low-top Converses

rGRwQE8.png Ferris wheels

I feel the need to elaborate on my obsession with cartoons, TV shows and anime since they’re such a big part of my life xD For each show you watch on this list, you get one cookie congrats

Samurai Jack • South Park • Bojack Horseman • Metalocalypse • Big Mouth • Brickleberry • Paradise PD • Attack on Titan • Fire Force • Elfen Lied • Game of Thrones • Archer • Family Guy • American Dad • Bob’s Burgers • King of the Hill • One Punch Man • Samurai Champloo • Neon Genesis: Evangeleon • Rick and Morty • Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell • Adventure Time • Regular Show • Alice In Wonderland • Doctor Who • Harry Potter • Superjail • Futurama • The Venture Bros. • Mushishi • Avatar: The Last Airbender • Naruto: Shipudden • Stranger Things • Monty Python • Key & Peele • Fry and Laurie • Ozark • Barry • Parks and Rec. • Reno 911 • The Last Man on Earth • It’s Always Sunny • Broad City • Workaholics • old Nickelodeon • anything Adult Swim • anything Disney

I don’t accept random friend requests, but feel free to shoot me a message, I like to talk sometimes

Click on Devin below to view my Toyhou.se character site!


My dibs post

Ongoing collab search post (you color)

My forever open multiple tag sale

HQ 24HH Rough Collie studs (permanent thread)



Welcome to Highland Collies

where top quality smooth and rough collies are competitively shown and bred

I’ve also started showing Blueticks, German Shorthair Pointers, Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Pembroke Welsh Corgis recently, which will be an ongoing project. They are not ready to be sold or bred outside of my kennel yet, but when they are I’ll be sure to advertise.

Current breed specializations:

Smooth Collies, Rough Collies (including rare cream rough collies)

All dogs are bred at ages 98 and 110 days old to ensure the highest levels possible. If you’d like to purchase one of my dogs shoot me a message. Lemme know what gender(s) and ages you’d prefer and we’ll work something out! I typically sell adult dogs for at least 500k depending on their quality

If you’d like to purchase a puppy, ask to be put on a waiting list and I’ll message you as soon as I have a SPOL available. Puppies are 600k each

If you’d like to breed one of your female rough collies with my males, I have a lot of them available for breeding requests. The locked ones over 101 days have reached their highest level possible so they make excellent studs. Just request a breeding and I’ll make sure it’s unlocked and vaccinated for you.

All studs are 24HH 4E lala and between levels 75-85. The levels reflect the prices. You can find my rough collie studs in the “Rough Collie” tab in my kennel.

Puppy Waiting list:


FP Game Goals

rGRwQE8.png Reach level 90 with one of my dogs achieved!

6tm2K9H.png Reach level 95 with one of my dogs achieved!

rGRwQE8.png Reach level 100 with one of my dogs

6tm2K9H.png Have 50/50 dogs reach Interstellar Champion to earn the Emerald Performer Trophy (5/50)


My favorite people

9wuz1dR.png dExZBKK.png

Game Time

10:59pm on Sep 19

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