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Home of quality:
Chart Polski (since 2005) - Scottish Deerhounds (since 2004) - Borzoi (since 2012)

I'm patiently waiting for the future addition of the Bracco Italiano. Until then, in addition to my beloved Chart Polski, Scottish Deerhounds and Borzoi, I'll be leveling and breeding various other breeds on the side. Basically whatever strikes my fancy, which is just about everything, lol. :)



Fun Fact:
Chart Polski is pronounced "Heart Pole-skee" and is both singular and plural. :D



I always breed for quality over quantity!
  • I only ever breed my females TWICE and don't breed them out to the public/list them for public breeding.
  • I don't list my males for public breeding until they've reached at least level 45, and only to females that are level 30 or higher! I offer my males for public breeding at a flat rate of 50k, regardless of quality/level/age.
  • The lowest level I will EVER breed a dog at is level 30. No exceptions.
  • I try to breed my dogs, especially my females, at ages 98 and 110 so they're at their highest levels/quality possible. I will occasionally breed at 97 and 109 though if necessary.
  • I do not directly inbreed my dogs! I do however occasionally "linebreed" them, usually with at least 4 generations between a common ancestor, though preferably more. I know that inbreeding does not affect the dogs in any way here on FP, but I still prefer not to do it.

I'm sorry, but unless I've talked to you more than a few times and have actually gotten to know you a bit, I will not add you to my friends list.


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