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Von Angels has been breeding German Shepherds since Furry Paws Beta, and has recently gotten into Rottweilers. We strive to breed the best German Shepherds. Our lines are from Germany. We have recently got back on FP so we're starting from the bottom to make our dogs the best so bare with us. I'm always looking for new dogs in these breeds to improve my lines and keep them diverse, so go ahead and send me a message if you are selling some. Just please don't be offended if I decide not to buy your dog(s), I can be picky. I mostly buy dogs 24HH, +str or +sta.
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Breeding and Buying

Message me if you are interested, please read the breeding rules.
Breeding rules.
1. I will not breed under level 20.
2. Your dog must be level 20 or over.
3. I will not accept breeding requests if I do not feel 100% satisfied with your dog.
4. If I do use your dog to breed I like to keep in touch with it's progress.
5. If you sell on a pup please give me first refusal.
If you use one of my studs, I want SPOL from the litter you used my stud for.

Buying Rules

1) To a good showing home and well cared for kennel.
2) If the puppy was requested and reserved, the buyer must accept either gender.
3) The dog must be entered in the most possible shows, at least 30 per day.
4) All dogs must be fully cared for.
5) All dogs must be trained in sports that go with their stats.
6) Must not retire early.
7) All dogs must be good levels for their ages.
8) You must not be a rescue.
9) If you decide not to keep the dog for any reason, you must give me the first option to take the dog back.

About Me

Ahh look finally got to the good part :D Well my name is Emily, 17, from Florida somewhere in the country. Livin on 5 acres with two dogs. Bella, a 2 year old Yorkie 1/4 of Chihuahua. Zena, our 8-week old German Shepherd puppy we recently got. German bloodlines. I will be adding pictures of them both soon! We got Zena 4-29-14.
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10:15am on Mar 8

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