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My dogs are available from breeding once they're lvl 40, until they're near retirement, which is when I breed them for myself. The only thing I ask is that your dog is at least lvl 30 if you have a basic account, and lvl 40 if you're elite. If you see a dog you'd like to breed to that's above lvl 30 but is not available for breeding, don't hesitate to message me! The price is free if you ask and meet the requirements.

About me
Heya, I'm Oromë (with dots!). I'm 35 and I repair and install laboratory instruments for a living. As far as pets are concerned, there is Kazan, my Haflinger. He forces me to give him carrots, bananas and massages. He's an overgrown dog on the ground though, overly cute and will do almost anything for me. When riding, his stubborn Haflinger side comes up quite often, but he's still awesome at dressage for his breed. And there's my cat Nienna. Officially she's a white and red tabby European Shorthair mutt, unofficially she's a dog. She knows more tricks than most dogs I met irl, loves to unplug the tv and can get into any cabinet/closet/open any door as long as it's unlocked. There are also some resident fishies.

If my name didn't give it away yet, I'm also slightly Tolkien-obsessed. I just own about 50-ish books concerning/from Tolkien. And I'm also a big Doctor Who fan. So, if you wanna talk horses, books Doctor Who or Tolkien, feel free to message me anytime. Or if you need help with chemistry or any other scientific class, I'm here.:)

My fursona
I present thee: Araxis.
She's the third in line, and for now my final one.I've also had a blue horse and a teal dragon in the past, you can still see them in my old tags.

Closed. Indefinitely. Unless I get a weird urge now and then, and you'll see a post floating by on the art sales. But in general, I'm either too much of a slacker/generally too busy to finish any art bigger than a chat icon (and even then).
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08:25pm on Jul 29

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