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Frozen lilly has been running since 24.08.2006, Although thats not very long I feel that I have made a great achievement in breeding my specialised breeds (Italian greyhounds and Whippets). I have been breeding Italian greyhounds and whippets since Frozen Lilly first opened. Both Italian greyhounds and whippets are my favourite breeds so thats the reason why I choose to train and show them.
In 2007 I attended the worlds biggest dog show, Crufts and absolutely fell in love with a gorgeous Afghan hound called 'Serra Parecis Im Allright Jack at Belamba'. He's the youngest ever to win his Show Certificate of Merit and I just know he's going to be a star. After meeting him I bought my first pair of Afghans. I don't really class Afghans as one of my main breeds because I don't own many but already their levels are high and I expect them to do just as well as my Italian greyhounds and whippets :)

I only breed my females when they are 88 and 100 days old but however there are exceptions if I have a male who has no mate at the time of his retirement. I will try to use my own males as studs but I might seek a stud from a different line to ensure that my lines stay clean.
My males will not be bred until they are atleast level 20. I don't go wild and breed my males to any old females, They have to come from a decent kennel where the kennels dogs are shown atleast 30/50 times a day, 10/10 happiness and fully fed. Also, I won't accept your request if your female is under level 20.
I usually breed pups for myself but however I may decide to sell to the public, Therefore if I have a litter you are interested in message me and we will discuss the proposed sale.

Well, I like to keep busy and earn some money in the process lol, Hence my services =P Ok, First off some little rules. %uFFFD If my service is not open, It's not open. Simple as that, So don't message me complaining or anything lol %uFFFD Please don't get annoyed if I can't do things right away, I will try my best but please be patient, After all patience is a virtue =P %uFFFD Please specify which service you are requesting and which dog it will be for %uFFFD I prefer to be paid in advance, I have been scammed before and it won't happen again. However if it is for images I might make an exception %uFFFD I would prefer it if after I have sent you your image link you save the image to your own server, However if this is not possible message me and I will allow you to keep the image on my server for an extra 5000 fpd %uFFFD And I think thats all =P

%uFFFD Custom manips - OPEN, Prices vary depending on size but are usually around 50k - 800k %uFFFD Examples [x] [x] [x] [x] And of course, This kennel layout lol References: #164555, #45150, #92162

%uFFFD SEF - OPEN, 3k per dog %uFFFD References: #345286, #86025, #164555, #70802, #334729, #326563, #309805, #113002, #1641, #36614, #45642, #361298, #116772, #161954, #271958, #254, #295460, #186628, #295460, #172411, #301057, #149763, #150814, #9753, #544217, #88042

%uFFFD Boarding - CLOSED, 7k per dog per day %uFFFD Includes; 50 shows a day, Feeding (Canned food, If you want your dog to have treats you must provide them), Playing with favourite toy, And run through 56 rated training area. Note, If your dog is not picked up after 2 days of the date you were meant to pick them up they will remain in my possession where I can do as I wish with them, If you are late picking your dogs up you will be charged an extra 8k for each day you were late %uFFFD References: #86025

All images from and :) Layout made by me :)

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