Welcome to Kiras Kennels.

I'm back - after however many years, I'm back on FP!

As of 2019, I no longer specialize in Field Spaniels. As I have 7 chihuahuas in real life, it felt wrong not to have them in my kennel. Therefore I will be aiming for perfect genetics in the breed. I will occasionally have pups available for sale. If you are interested in one of my pups or my dogs, get in contact with me as they may be for sale. My goal is to have lines of 24HH 4xCha Chihuahuas. Dogs with bad genetics will be retired - My aim is to improve the quality of Chihuahuas on this site, not make them worse!

My dogs are bred for Conformation - I show in Conformation shows in real life, so this is how I show on this site - However I do support the "Fit For Function" programme!

Goals - Restarted as of 2019

Breed an all E Chihuahua [X]
Breed a 24HH Chihuahua [X]
Show a Chihuahua to level 10 [X]
Show a Chihuahua to level 20 [X]
Show a Chihuahua to level 30 [X]
Show a Chihuahua to level 40 [X]
Show a Chihuahua to level 50 [X]
Show a Chihuahua to level 60 [X]
Show a Chihuahua to level 70 [X]
Show a Chihuahua to level 80 [X]
Show a Chihuahua to level 90 []
Show a Chihuahua to level 100 []
Get into the Achievement Board [X]
Get into the Hall Of Fame []
Breed the highest levelled Chihuahua on FP (current) [X]
Breed the highest levelled Chihuahua on FP (all-time) []
Get Forever Elite [X] Thank you, Flame!!

Adoption Requirements
I do not have many rules but I will not sell to anyone who does not follow them!

No breeding before Level 20+ unless for genetics
Current dogs must be well cared for
All dogs I breed will have my prefix of KIRA on
Dogs should be entered in shows daily
If you cannot show, you must lock them if possible.

Things to take note of -
I do not donate ANYTHING (money, items, dogs, anything) to anyone who begs!
Do not message me asking for money or items for your "rescue". Unless you show your dogs, I won't donate anything and will not sell you any of my dogs.
If you message me asking me to buy your dog, then the answer will depend on the breed, price, how many times bred, and age of the dog.
Do not message me saying "Will you be my friend?" - I will talk to anyone, but it takes more than that message to be a true friend.
I rarely do art so please don't ask me to make you any!
If you're rude to me, then I WILL block you. No second chances.

About Me
I am an adult, and was born on July 18th.
I live in East Sussex, England.
I foster for a local rescue, plus currently have 7 dogs of my own as well!
My favourite breed of dog is the Chihuahua, and I prefer longcoats to smoothcoats.
I show my dogs, and they have done extremely well in the show ring!
I also train my dogs to do tricks and they have been featured on TV, in magazines, and on pet accessory packaging!
I bred Field Spaniels on here when I joined in 2006, and love the breed, and started with Chihuahuas in March 2019.
Almost all dogs I have bred are named after songs.
My favourite thing to do is to show dogs in Conformation and have done very well in it, up to and including winning Best In Shows, multiple Best Puppy In Shows, Reserve Best Puppys and Reserve Best In Shows, with several of my dogs!
I am a HUGE supporter of raw-feeding my animals and raising them as naturally as possible. My dogs are fed on a raw diet and have been for over 10 years now, and are doing amazingly well on it! All the dogs at the rescue I foster for are also raw fed as are my vets dogs. So if you need advice on raw feeding, feel free to message - If I don't know the answer, I will know someone who does!
"Stormchi" is the affix I breed/show under in real life. "KIRA" is my affix on here, as my original kennel name was Kieras Kennels, from 2006.
If you want to know more, message me :)

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