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Unknown Figure here to tell you about myself. I live in the state of Wisconsin, and I work as a cognitive gaming specialist at a nursing and rehabilitation facility. I'm a female and 25 years old! I'm playing this game for a few reasons; to network with cool people and make friends, to help the other players have a really fun time, and to breed some of the website's top quality scent hounds! I give my pets fancy middle names. I have two fine felines Seymour (Francis) and Tasmanian (Ringo) - known as Taz.

Among them I am the devoted owner of dwarf hamsters Dartanyon (Tobias Augustine), Roger the Hamham, and Edith (Evelyn Eloise), Indigo (Jeremiah), Gloria (Akalitus), Harriet (Penelope), Tiny Tim the robo, and the sisters Anatolia and Athena!. I breed dwarf hamsters and can help anyone with a lot of related questions! I upload videos onto my Youtube Channel. RECENTLY, I have become owner to a sweet little axolotol named Mushu Mudkip Mahuizoh.

I'm a collector of various things and if we share an interest of hobby feel free to chat with me about it! I collect garden gnomes - keychains - fancy watches - crystals and minerals - awesome pins - fridge magnets - dinosaur things - and sea turtle jewelry. I can do needlepoint felting and I make gnomes, kid and baby gnomelings included! One day I hope to have a dog of one of the following breeds, all of which I have a dream breeder chosen; American Akita, Smooth Collie, Petit Basset Griffon Vandeen, Bracco Italiano, or Papillon. I aspire to write books and buy myself a tiny house on a small property in another state.


Will list info here per breed, like target breeding age of levels, what stat bonus I want and which sport, and the number I want per breed one day. Include achievement programs, genetic experimentation, and priority breeds over sub breeds.


Any person wishing to use a male of mine as a stud can send a PM to negotiate an arrangement! My stud fee will always be 1000FPDxDog's Level, unless the dog should ever be a BoB Ribbon holder, which would double the fee.

Scent hound puppies of mine will be sold for relatively affordable prices, ranging from $4,000 to $80,000, dependent on the generation and title of the the parents. Litter pups will never be sold with less than "Lla GGGG" genes and a stat bonus towards a sport they carry an aptitude towards. Litter pups will come aptitude tested, fully socialized, and fed a puppy food (at the expense of the buyer).


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When I was 13 and getting into characters on beta I was not very imaginative with my first characters! They were Rottweiler siblings. The older brother was a year in age with dark red and teal colors. The young sister was a puppy and light pink and lavender. They were my original kennel colors and today I still maintain the dark red here on this About me page! Their names are Riley and Missy.

My third and fourth characters were from beta sales. They are a mated pair and if I ever get into breeding characters I'll do a litter sale. The male is spring green and yellow, Mikah, and he's a crossbreed with the Canadian Inuit Dog and Eastern Timber Wolf. The female is Liberty, representing the American Flag, though she is a Dutch Shepherd Dog.

The pair I got here are from the wonderful and talented Kaos! My lovely Opal the Lurcher type dog, and Tulip the fox/tiger hybrid, both females! I hope to start getting them art soon. I almost lost Opal's ref sheet forever and now cherish her extra dearly.

My newest character is a female, black eyed lilac dwarf hamster, named Bluebell Chubfluff Featherwhisker! I was gifted her by the wonderfully talented artist Wynd on the art wishing well! I hope to get tags made soon!

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