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hey, i'm silas- your average person trying to figure out the world :)

feel free to DM about anything, gaming, books, dogs, and even if it's just to vent- i'll try and be there for you. honestly, mostly here as a distraction from reality. i have dyslexia so writing this page was kind of a pain sorry for any mistakes :D

about flickering stars kennel
at flickering stars kennel, we breed mainly border collies & australian shepherds! working on a few other breeds, mostly locked rn. will most likely accept bids on litters. feel free to ask about studs for any males that catch your eye!

book - allegiant
show - stranger things or toh
song stuck in my head - cigarette daydreams by cage the elephant
artist - metallica

my TH

As your friend I make these promises. I’ll try my best to always be there when you need to cry or vent. I’ll laugh at your jokes, support your dreams, reminisce our memories, sing loudly to your favorite song, and help you up when you’ve fallen down. Because a friend is so rare to find these days… a true friend. A friend that knows your good and your bad yet still chooses to remain by your side. I promise to embarrass myself in public, and when bad luck comes your way, I’ll fight your demons and become your beacon of light when you’re lost in the darkness. I’m not a superhero, I’m only human, but I’ve got your back. I’ll say the stupidest thing to make you smile. Shout out all the compliments and praises to boost your self-esteem. I can’t perform miracles, but I can reduce pain and hope everything will be okay. If you’ve got a problem, let me hear it. You’re a gift in my life I wasn’t expecting, and wow, it’s the best gift I ever had.

As Your Friend.


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06:19am on Sep 30

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