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Like every season of LOL, at the end of the season, 11 will end too. We are all still far from our final ranks, but it is good to keep the ranked closing in mind. Many players get caught in the trap of thinking that their actions don't really matter, and that it's not the right the time to get the gold level, Diamond, or Challenger. In reality, every day brings that final season gate closer, so it's best to keep a focus on the things that matter and get to the top of the ladder! So, when the LOL season 11 starts and when will LOL season 11 come to an end? when the LOL season 11 starts? just when the League of Legends season 11 starts? when the LOL season 11 starts? LoL Season 11 was released on January 8 2021. It is definitely the most recent release date. It should end in November 2021 if it follows the same path as its peers. Check out our website for know about when the lol season 11 starts now. When Will League of Legends Season 11 Ende? Although we don't know the exact time, season 11 of LOL will conclude on November 10, 2021. This is mainly due to two factors. LOL Seasons Past First of all, LOL works on a simple and clean system which is repeated every year. We start every season around January 10. We play it through until the last half of November. It's been the situation ever since the game has established its principles. Let's look back at the recent beginnings and endings of seasons! League of Legends Esports Scene The League of Legends professional scene during the year is split into three parts. First, there are two seasons of splits. The players participate in each split with breaks. These splits are where players try to be the best in their region and then qualify for the World Championship. The Spring Split occurs during the winter and spring seasons. The Summer Split is also held during summertime. The LOL World Championship is the final event. It usually takes place at the beginning of September, and runs until October. When Worlds ends, it marks the conclusion of the season in essence. The big finale is then followed by two weeks of ranking solo time. After that the ladder is officially locked. The pros are given a break to prepare for the coming season. Season 11 will conclude on the 10th of November, 2021. What's to come after the LoL Season 11 Season Ends? However, at the conclusion of each season of LOL, Riot Games give prizes based on players' performance during that season. You don't need to be a veteran player to get the gifts each year. LOL Season 11 Reward The most notable of rewards that players receive every year is the skin called Victorious. It is only available to players who have a rank of as gold or higher. The Victorious skin is created for one champion each year, typically a champion who left a impression on the meta of that season. The champions included Sivir, Morgana or Graves during the entire year. The most recent is Victorious Lucian, the 10th season. This skin is highly important and highly coveted for anyone who is a League of Legends player. Other rewards consist of Summoner Icons, borders for your profile and profile banners. The rank you've achieved will determine what rewards you will receive. If you've finished the season as Platinum and you've earned it, you'll get the platinum border, banner, and icon as well as other. Clash Icons and banners are part of the rewards if you've been involved in the contests. And lastly, there are rewards based on your Honor level. These consist of random skins for wards, random emote skins, and key shards with the quality depending on your own level. Preseason LOL will move to preseason once we have received our well-deserved rewards. Thus, once season 11 is over, preseason 11 season will begin. Riot Games is the only game to make important changes to the game at this time. The game's developers are free to explore new ideas for the online game because ranked performance isn't as significant (since ranks are reset at each season's beginning). The last two significant modifications included Elemental Dragons in the preseason of 2019 as well as the Mythic Items that were introduced in the 2020 preseason. We don't know what's to come when LOL season 11 closes.

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