Ruby Rescuers' Kennel

Welcome to my kennel! Here I keep all my dogs and critters. I hope you enjoy it. You could buy dogs from my litters and you could also breed with one of my female adults for a bit of money. If you want a Labrador retriever, you could see if I have any for sale. I want to save every dog I find so I may have scattered breeds around. Sadie is my first rescued dog. If you want to breed with her, just message me. You could go to my shop to see if there is anything in stock. I have some phoenix-blessed dogs that you could breed with. If you feel that I am doing something wrong, feel free to message me. I am open to advise. I specialize in Labrador retrievers so, you could message me about any dog you want. Rescued Dogs are not for sale. You could send me a friend request so that you could know about puppies that are for sale.

Game Time

12:50pm on Oct 23

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