About Me
Hi there! I'm Coco, and I own 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs in real life. They were found together on the streets as puppies, and now they're both strong doggies hehe! My American Eskimo was given to us as a gift :)
My Boarding
If you need boarding, I'm your person! Feel free to shoot me a DM, and I'll give you a form to fill out, along with some information. They'll be taken care of every day, trained, and entered in 30 competitions (unless requested otherwise).
My Rescue
I also take in unwanted dogs. If you're just too busy to take care of your dogs anymore, I can take them in, no fees :) I hate to see dogs left behind (even if it is virtual dogs), so I'll try my best to make some space for them.
Goodie Bags
My sister Queen (#1620769) likes sending out gifts and goodie bags, so she might reach out to you once in a while to ask if you'd like one, just as a thanks to your dogs for staying at our hotel!
Dog Adoption
If you'd like to adopt a dog (rescues kennel), please DM me! I'll set up a time for you to meet your dog (meaning I'll ask you some questions, sort of like an interview). If everything goes well, your new dog will be transferred to your account :)

Game Time

09:23pm on Nov 26

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