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CAN SOMEONE CODE THIS PLEASE??? Welcome to Vom Stein Working Game Terriers! NATIONAL WORKING TERRIER FEDERATION N.W.T.F. - Home -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE READ!!! I will not be breeding any dogs for a bit, just looking to buy and sell. I am focusing on working terriers. I am trying to build up an APBT program. I am adding SBTs, ASTs, and BTs. After I am producing EEEE lala 24HH dogs of all my breeds I will be adding, Russell Terriers, Manchester Terriers and Wheaten Terriers. If you wanna help me or wanna work together DM me!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT: I breed top notch working terriers. Currently I have Jack Russells, Irish terriers, APBTs, SBTs, ASTs, Bull terriers, Border Terriers, Fox Terriers And Airedales. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BREEDING: I wont be breeding females till their at least 90 days old to ensure the highest levels possible. They will have one litter at age 98 and another at age 110 since after the second litter the quality goes down. If any female in my kennel has been bred more than 2 times i bought her like that. My males will not be bred till 100 days+. If you´d like to breed one of your dogs to mine DM me, i´ll try to make it available if the dogs are of levels, if not my dog will be bred to yours as soon as possible. If you wanna bred to one of my terriers your dog must be a good level, have excellent health scores, and be titled in Schutzhund, Earth dog, or tracking. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Breeding plans: APBTs - Kori x Keanu - Kori x Kodiak - Karma x Kai - Karma x Kodiak ------------------------------------- ASTs - Bella x Bentley - Bella x Buddy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EBTs - Sunny x Poacher - Sunny x Easy - Omelette x Mcmuffin (Son to dam breeding) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SBTs - Whitney x Henny - Whitney x Hunter -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BTs - Oak x Willow -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JRTs - Athena x Apollo -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SFTs - Neptune x Mars - Neptune x Pluto -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WFTs - Venus x Saturn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ITs - Echo x Crash - Echo x Sunny -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATs - Vesta x Bonus - Cupid x Bonus --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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