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Willkommen to my kennel! I am back, but will not be as active as i used to be! :D I mainly breed Border Collies, and German Shepherds, but I do also breed other dog breeds. My dogs, litter and breeding prices are based on the dog, or litters quality. If a litter is up for sale and you would like a different pup from that litter just PM me with a link to that litter and which pup you would like instead! I ask if you ever buy a dog from me and you don't like them that you please return them to me for free, and I will refund you the same amount money you bought for them. I also rescue sad, dirty, and mistreated dogs to rehabilitate and send on their way to a better home so any dog in my rescues kennels are for private sale as long as you treat them well! I may lock my rescues from time to time, do to the amount I have. If you would like to buy one of the rescues message me, let me know which one you would like. If you would like to help us rehabilitate these dogs please join The Dog Guild! Friend request? Yup I love them, feel free to friend request me. I hope everyone has a wonderful day or night! :D

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12:00am on Nov 29

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