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Hi there! Welcome to my Kennel. My name is Clownvenom but you can just call me Venom.
IRL I am a vet student from Sweden specializing in exotic animals and dog training. I go to one of the most prominent animal schools in Sweden if not Europe. We have roughly 1200 different animals, including macaws, dogs, pigs, and peacocks, on top of that, we own a separate farm.
I practically live on a farm, it's on a small island in Mälaren. I have two amazon parrots, two budgerigars, a few fish, two service dogs, a building filled with hens, and a few thousand bees.

To help my studies I got really into DARPG and through DARPG I found out about FP. I am still a beginner with a very new account but I hope that my kennel will grow big and be filled with happy and healthy dogs.


(This post is updated after every level)

Fenrisulvens kennel takes in plenty of unwanted dogs given away for free, donated or from HS.
To help others gain achievements we are opening these puppers up for reserve. This is not for profit, but to help other players. This means we are very open to any and all donations.

Dogs are locked at lvl 9, 19, 29, and 39. This depends on what level they were adopted at.
These are the prices they start at, but the dog will go to highest bidder.
Lv9 - $1500
Lv19 - $3000
Lv29 - $6000
Lv39 - $12000

Level 9


Dog name



My Specialities

Here you can see all my specialities. I've Got Quality Belgian Malinois on Furry-Paws.com I've Got Quality Rottweilers on Furry-Paws.com I've Got Quality German Shepherd Dogs on Furry-Paws.com I've Got Quality Greyhounds on Furry-Paws.com

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