The Midnight Magic Kennels

Welcome to Midnight Magic Kennels!

I will go by Kiki, Moonlight, or Silver/Sil

More about me: I rly like to write, design clothes, and play random video games!! I also do dance, including Scottish dancing and ballet!!

I like to read Cat Warriors and survival/fiction/almost anything. I also love watching LoTR! (Lord of The Rings)

I really like animals, Including Dragons, Wolves, Cats, Dogs, Dolphins, Foxes, Pandas, Red Pandas and Clouded/Snowy Leopards.

Video Games I play: Minecraft, Poki, Roblox, Homescapes, Lordz io, Shushi Party, Slither io,sometimes Starcraft and more! My usernames are usually Iamcool855, Iamcool44, LadyLilly05, Cherrystar, and Trump 2020
~I started Furry Paws on Aug 26, 2020!!~

Me in FP
  I currently specialize in German Shepherds, Australian Shepherds, Pom-poms, Border Collies, and Finnish Lapphunds

I will usually only put all E puppies up for bid, but if you (for some reason) want a pup that is not all E, I'm sure we can arrange something!

Game Time

06:24pm on Dec 4

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