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Welcome to SPRC! Here we strive to give every dog a home. Our prefix is SPRC, and we accept any breeds, however our personal favourites are the American Water Spaniel, Golden Labs/Retrievers and Akbash Dogs or Maremma Sheepdog.


Dogs in our possession are given 2 bowls, 1 bed, 1 chew (replaced when necessary) and are cared for daily. They are trained in their aptitudes, and shown and trained daily.

3 Star Trainer

As I am a 3 star trainer, I offer 3 services. Aptitue Testing Pamphlets. Message me with the number of aptituding pamphlets you want, and with the message equip $500 FPD per pamphlet. I will then give you the pamphlets. Double Training Your Dog. Send me the dog for $0 FPD, with double train inn the description and the sport in the name. So long as the dog is under 16. I will then transfer them back for a small fee of $500. If I do anything permanently horrible to your dog you reserve the right to report me. Double Training My Dog. If there is a dog in my kennel up for adoption, and under 16, I can double train it before adopting it out to you. Just message me.

Owner Surrenders

If you have a dog you can no longer care for, please transfer it to me for $0 FPD. This is a way to have your dog in a safe home until it gets adopted. You will not be judged if you surrender me a dog. Just put 'hope' in the description. Messages are accepted but not required.

Kennel Structure

Dogs in Confidence Builders are newly rescued, they will stay there for 3 days. They are not up for private sae, but if you want to adopt them please messag me. Rescue Juniors is for dogs under 80. Rescue Seniors is for dogs between 80 and 100.

Retirement Villa

The Soft Paws Retirement Villa is a safe place for your dogs over 100 to relax. They are cared for daily, and can either be forever locked, retired naturally, or retired immediately, it's your choice! Just send me the dog with retiree in it's description. You will be credited for the dog's accompishments in the description and it's free! They won't be adopted out.


The Soft Paws Foster Kennel is simply a Retirement Villa for younger dogs. Any age between 6 or 99 is accepted. Just send me the dog with foster in its description. They will be cared for daily, and you will be credited for its accompishments. They won't be adopted out, and its free!

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