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General Goals

  • Reach level 10
  • Register kennel
  • Reach level 20
  • Become 3-star trainer
  • Purchase Definite Puppy Raising Guide
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Russell Terrier Goals

  • Large litters only (lala only)
  • Produce 4x excellent health pups
  • Produce perfect health pups (24HH)
  • Remove extreme piebald from lines (spsp only)
  • Keep mask in lines (Em)
  • Keep saddle/grizzle/sable (kk only)
  • Prioritize aptitudes: agility, earthdog trials, obedience
  • Remove charisma boosts
  • Remove stamina boosts
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Russell Terrier Breeders

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Cavalier Goals

  • Keep leveling the ones I have while I figure this out!


{this section is a wip}


Negotiating about-to-be-married apartment life with a(n incredibly cute and abnormally snuggly) seven-year-old cat currently. She was overweight when we got her while the vet-approved diet is progressing fine so far, she sometimes tries to convince us that hasn't been fed yet most definitely has. Didn't realize how lonely were until adopted her. Pets are amazing.


Sparty for short! I still sleep my folks' beagle/basset hound mutt whenever I visit home. He's a dog's dog -- drinks out of toilet, digs holes in yard. He also likes perch on high places, like back couch. No ours would ever have allowed up couch without permission, but somehow he's too charming refuse.


Named after Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldi from Princess Diaries. Previously owned meek trusting Cavalier. by family member who breeds because anxiety issues otherwise made unbreedable. Never bred; time relative around it, she'd diagnosed grade III heart murmur. passed few years blue from failure. Really miss that furball.


When I was young, I had a protective, incredibly patient rough collie/german shepherd mix. She'd bark once whenever the doorbell rang and then wait see if we knew the people at the door. If they were friends (and especially if they were children), she'd relax and lay down, but if they were strangers (and especially if we wanted them to go away, e.g random solicitors) she'd stand guard and growl or bard in solidarity with us until they left. Our cat at the time really looked up to her and leaned on her for support; she'd break up fights between our cat and other dog all the time by just stepping in between. Truly a wonderful dog.

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11:51pm on Apr 12

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