No Chill Kennel Club

Terriers and hounds have never known chill. Don't forget that. You'll mostly see me with a bunch of hound and terrier type dogs with a few exceptions which includes — but is not limited to — • Chihuahua • Corgi (both) • St. Bernard • Chinese Crested • Old English Sheepdog • CKC Spaniel • Bully Breeds (Rottie, Pibble, Dobie, etc) Breeds you will NOT find here... • Siberian Husky • Alaskan Malamute • German Shepherd • Australian Shepherd • Shetland Sheepdog • most wolf like breeds I have no problem with wolves but I'm not a particularly fan of breeds of dog that tend to be greatly preferred over other dogs. I feel like a lot of people adore the above breeds and that's great but this is just my unpopular opinion.

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09:36am on Jun 12

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