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Hiya! Thanks for bothering to check this out xD. My name is Katie, but I go by Reflection on Furry Paws :) I'm 18, and live in England but up until a year ago I lived in Ireland with my family. I'm planning to head back there once I'm finished college. I'm studying biology and biomedical sciences (Hoping to major in Zoology). Um, I'm demisexual which basically means I'm not attracted to someone unless I form an intense emotional bond. I'm also bisexual :p I'm an atheist, but full respect to all religions <3>

Me and Furry Paws

I first found Furry Paws 7 years ago when I was playing on my dad's computer (I was 11 at the time) I didn't really get it, and left after a couple of months. I joined again in 2017 (when I was 14) but had to leave as the pressure of junior certificate was too much to bear. And now I'm back! Planning to stay for a bit longer this time. I spend ages refreshing the forums and I love y'all SO much <3>


I have been drawing traditionally for ages and have started doing digital in the past few months! I'm not the best, but am constantly looking for things to work and improve on so if have any critique, please tell me! Also shoutout to all the artists who accepted free art from me when I was starting, you guys had it rough xD


Indie is my lil' pupper. She's super sweet and affectionate, and very cute. I'm training her in agility, and she's pretty good, we haven't done jumps yet, so we don't strain her legs (hoping to start within the next fee months) um, she likes to eat leaves and bumblebees, so we have to watch her in the summer. I foster cats, so constantly have different kitties staying with me, I love them all, and wish I could keep them *sigh* but I can't. Anyway.

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