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Hi there! I'm Nix. I specialize in breeding German Shepherds. All dogs are up for breeding. If there is a dog you like and would like to buy, message me and we'll see if we can work something out! Please visit my About page :) Have a blessed day ~ PRA since 9/14/2020

Welcome to my kennel!

I specialize in breeding German Shepherds. I strive for excellent quality and unique colorings.

First and foremost; I am here for anyone who needs or wants to talk, about anything and everything. It doesn't matter what you're going through, if you just need someone to lean on, or if you need a friend. I'll be here for you.


I do custom artwork of dogs, wolves, and foxes. Starting at $20,000 FPD or 2 FPP I will do an artwork of your choice. Please be descriptive! The more detailed you are, the more detailed your piece will be. However, the more complicated you want it to be, the longer it will take me to draw and color. I will charge extra if it is extremely complicated. Basic pieces will come with the animal and a color background of your choice. I will do artwork based off of an rp (roleplay) scenario!

Check out my website:

Art is added 1-3 times per week! You can also check out my twitter @WoofMeowArt

Visit my DeviantArt at


All of my dogs are up for breeding. Females are $10,000 and males are $5,000. I will view your dog and determine if I will accept the request or not, as the owner it is ultimately my choice so please do not harass me if I reject your request.


Check my litters for any available pups. Minimum bid is $0, but please bid at least $1,000 for a pup. I tend to keep most pups but will make an exception if I already have that color/coat pattern or if you message me asking for that pup.

If there is a dog or puppy you would like to buy, please message me. I am willing to work out a deal.

Each dog or puppy will come with my kennel's prefix of Nixx. If you want to purchase a puppy without a prefix, I will charge an extra $5,000.



I will board any dog for $150 per day. During this time I will feed, water, play, train, and compete with your dog unless you specify otherwise. After 15 days I will assume you no longer want your dog and I will take full ownership of the dog.


All of my German Shepherds (unless I bought them already trained) are trained in Schutzhund.

I host competitions in Schutzhund as often as possible.


I am willing to negotiate on any and all prices! Don't be afraid to ask!

Friend Requests & Messages:

I will accept all friend requests, and feel free to message me any time!

Game Time

05:37pm on Oct 25

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