Vom Lykantroph

I started playing Furry Paws on January 2020. My first dogs was Border Collies ExT Flirtin' With Disaster and ExFl Rebel Within and even now my kennel have over 40 Border Collies. On February 3, 2020 I registered my kennel name Ready Steady Go with prefix RSG. At the moment we're specialized in four breeds.

My goal is to breed Border Collies and Russell Terriers with 24HH lala genetics from the first generation and as a side project I breed Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Shetland Sheepdogs.

My breeding level in first, second and third generation is 20+. After third generation I breed my dogs at age 98 and 110 FP Days to get my dogs the higher Multiplier and make dogs do better in competitions and leveling. Females can be bred twice and males may have up to three litters. Usually I don't use my dogs more than once for breeding, except dogs with higher quality (Overall Quality at least or more than 70.0%) I don't breed dogs that are closely related to each other. My minimum coefficient for inbreeding (COI) is 6,25%.

1. The dogs are at the time of mating at least at level 20 or at age 98 FP Days.
2. The dog must have an Overall Quality over than 65,00%.
3. The dogs must be of the same generation. We strive to keep pedigrees of dogs consistent.

I'm very protective of my lines, because I put a lot of time, work and Furry Paws money in them, so there's a very small chance that I sell my bred dogs to anyone, but I'm open to it, so don't hesitate to contact if you're interested in reserving a puppy from me in the future.

1. You're at least at User Level 10.
2. You've been playing Furry Paws at least three months.
3. You play actively.
4. You take care of your dogs daily.
5. You train and enter your dogs in competitions daily.
6. You lock your dogs if you can't take care of them.
7. You assign collars, leashes and food that corresponds for each dog's stats and levels.
8. You don't double train your dogs.
9. You don't put your dogs on Public Sale.
10. You don't breed your dogs just for fun or just to sell puppies.
11. You don't breed your dogs if they're under Level 10.
12. No inbreeding unless it's below 6,25%.

1. Please, don't change the name of the dog. Insertion of genetic information is permitted.
2. Don't sell the dog to another user if you don't want to keep it anymore. I'll buy it back at the same price as I sold it to you.
3. I want to be able to follow my lines, so let me know when you plan to use the dog for breeding.

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11:42pm on Jan 26

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