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Welcome to Blueprint Kennel, where I'm following a very loose blueprint!

Breeding Project: Currently trying to focus on Whippets, Silken Windhounds, and Basenjis, with Whippets being my primary focus. With both breeds, my goals are to breed my own lines, hit 24HH, and hopefully eventually be within the top 20 spot. Both my Whippets and Silkens are focused in dock diving while the Basenjis are focused in racing. These are all goals, but I am in no rush and choose to play casually. Dogs are not bred until at least 98 days, although exceptions do happen at times.

Breeding/Stud inquires: All males are available to stud at either 98 days old, or level 50. I probably won't be actively listing any until I hit my goal with this breed, but feel free to just send me a message. Females are not available at this current time.

Random Info: I'm currently a college student, and while I only have one summer class at the moment, it is a computer information class, so it is taking up most of my time. I do enjoy watching anime (loving Fruits Basket at the moment) and love kpop (specifically Stray Kids). If you ever want to talk about interest, just send me a message.

My dogs: I have two little rescues, one being Blaze a 4year old Min Pin mix, who's my little sidekick. Use to be in agility and may get him back into it when I'm at a better point in life. My other little one is Lady, a 10-year-old Chihuahua mix, who is a sweet girl, but racking up the vet bills with heart problems haha.

I'm open to questions and will try to reply once I'm online.

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