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(Ol our 3rd Gen MASCOT)

You made it to the About Page! Thank you if you decided to read all of this :), White Waves name comes from one of Deftones songs, Originally the song is called Cherry Waves so that is what we go by. In our Kennels we produce Gorgeous, Outstanding Show and Pet Quality Puppies from our amazing Males and Females, Our kennel started from the 1st Generation so ALL puppies are Produced originally from me, These Males and Females are gonna be Rated all EEEE with Amazing coats and temperaments, Yes Border Collies are number 1 in our kennels but we do not only breed Border Collies we breed a hand full of other breeds from first generations as well! This kennel IS our Breeding Program but also own a Rescue&Rehome Program called Slow Drive, There we rescue Dogs about to be put down or owners no longer needing them in their program and etc, After a while we rehome them Prices are usually under $3,000, sometimes litter bids are Free and sometimes not it just depends, We have many studs available, if their ever locked which usually never please message me, all males in our program are gonna be studs and some females. if you made it this far message me "dough" for a cookie!

Past 3 years:
  • German Shepherds. 12/15/2019
  • Edit: kts Cane Corso in 1/11/2020
  • Edit: Ukc Cane Corso in 3/2/2020
  • Edit: Ukc Borzoi in 5/2/2020
  • Edit: Akc. Aidi in 7/1/2020
  • Edit: Akc. Otterhound 11/9/2020
  • Edit: Akc. Dalmation 12/22/2020
  • Edit: Akc. Saluki 2/14/2021
  • Edit: Akc. Saluki x Doberman Pinscher 5/21/2021
  • Edit: Akc. Border Collies x Cane Corsos 6/14/2021
  • Edit: Akc. American Bully x American Pitbull Terrier 7/1/2021
  • Edit: Akc. Irish Wolfhounds x Border Collies 5/28/2022
  • Edit: BPGC Irish Wolfhounds x Afghan Hounds 9/13/2022

In Loving Memory
Here are Dogs that were the best of White Waves.

coming soon...

Meet Ol 3rd Generation Chocolate Chihuahua, She is our current Mascot and trying to breed her a chocolate female puppy for our mascots to keep going, Daughter of Oly, Great GrandDaughter of Olympia, Mother of Owni and Philly.

Meet Oly, Our 2nd Generation Mascot, one of our best girls as well and was an amazing copy of her mother, Daughter of Olympia, Mother of Ol and Wish.
6/14/21 - 7/21/22

Meet Olympia! She was the first chihuahua I owned in FP she was rescued from the humane society Then transferred to another one, I got her and fell in love with her and she has been through all the changes that our kennel has gone through, She was our oldest girl and stayed so long till it was her time. Mother of Oly and Stray.
9/17/2020 - 10/24/22

past PETS

Happy the pitbull mix blue heeler, (first owned mixed Dog)

Miku was and is a cat I got for free since he was a kitty now he's 1 year old and 6 months, he ranned away 6 months ago but he's near by. He is also shown on the pfp with past dogs.

Chester The Model, He was and is the most loyal Dog I ever got to own, He would follow you everywhere, Off leash he would be running far and come back looking for you, and surprisingly street smart, He truly was an amazing Dog and taught me things myself, He was a Dog I got from a craigslist ad scam but best scam I ever got honestly, He was and is a smart boy.

There of course is so many more that I don't have pictures of but are all in memories.

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