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This is a side account. With this account, I buy and retire low-multiplier and high "hh" genetic dogs, in order to improve the overall quality of the most and least popular breeds.

Focus Breeds:
• Border Collies
• German Shepherd Dogs
• Australian Shepherds
• American PBTs
• Siberian Huskies
• Alaskan Huskies
• Dalmatians
• Dutch Smoushonds
• Welsh Terriers
• Dogue de Bordeaux

Criteria for Retirement:
Dogs are purchased in public sales every few days (whenever I have time).
They are retired if they meet at least one of the following criteria.

• At least 8 "hh" genetic pairs - poor genetic potential
• An XPM under .93 - indicates multiple generations of low-level breeding
• Females bred 4 or more times - puppies will be of low quality, regardless of how highly both parents are leveled
• Dog is under level 10 but over age 70 - unlikely to level much higher

If I bought and retired some of your dogs - it doesn't mean I think you're a bad breeder! The dogs I retire are inexpensive and up for public sale or abandoned in the Humane Society, so I assume their owners don't have specific plans for them. Retiring them just prevents them from having more low-level puppies, and increases the proportion of active dogs within the game. If you don't want me to purchase your dogs anymore, just shoot me a message!


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