Goal/Introduction: Hello-oof, my names Bell but you can call me by other nicknames I have....if you want. I made a bet to my freind that I'd collect all the breeds of dogs and that's what I'm gonna do! Draughts: Please vote for me in Draughts! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I will raise your dogs up to any level you want for 1000 FP Cash per level! Just message me with the Following format: [Your Username/ID] I would like to transfer [number of dogs] dog[s] to you to raise to level [Level you want me to raise your dog to] please! If I do not give you the proper amount of money you can keep/sell my dog[s]! If I respond accepting than please transfer you dog over! Do not charge me for the transaction please! Once I have raised the dog[s] up I will message you to send me the money! If you do not send me the money I am allowed to keep your dog[s] or sell them! You can buy them back for the price you scammed me out of. Amount per level: 1000 FPC ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Private message me if: You want to roplay You want to buy one of my dogs You want me to raise a dog up for you You want to be freinds You just want to give me money or gifts You have a Draught or Spaniel/Flusher you no longer need You would like me to draw you something

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04:03am on Sep 28

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