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I have something very important to tell you. Where do you think you are going to go when you die? Have you ever feel hopeless or helpless? Have you ever felt like life has no purpose or anything else? Whether you can answer yes or no to these questions this is for you! A Sacrifice had to be made. Before Jesus (God's Son who is Lord) came animals had to be sacrificed, but animal blood wasn't enough. So after many, many years, Jesus came down, got a physical body, having Mary give birth to Him, and living a perfect life with no sin. Jesus healed, taught, forgave people, etc.. And eventually He was nailed to a cross. Two thieves were on crosses next to Him. And one accepted Him as his Lord. Jesus' Blood was shed on the cross for us, that was the Ultimate Sacrifice. On that day the thick veil was torn (there was a veil in the Temple because the Lord's Glory is so bright) which means we don't need a human priest anymore, or animal sacrifices. On the third day, Jesus rose from the dead. If you believe that this happened, confess your sins, and ask Jesus to be your Savior, then you will be saved! You need to be saved to go to Heaven.

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Basque Shepherd Dog

General Appearance

There are two varieties of the Basque Shepherd Dog, Iletsua the rough haired shaggier type, and the Gorbeiakoa, the smooth and soft haired type. This gorgeous shepherd usually has fawn with a black muzzle, or mask; the ears are also usually a darker color than the body. The ears come in many types, some are pricked and pointed up, some are rose, and some have drop ears. If the breed ever enters the ears in general may look more rose type. The Iletsua usually has a longer coat around then the Gorbeiakoa. Their eyes can be brown to amber. And they are very agile, intelligent, and the basically the perfect family pet. They are easily trainable and strongly built, but agile.


The ancient, landrace Basque Shepherd has worked with Shepherds helping to herd their sheep in the land of Basque in Spain. Like the breed name suggests the Basque Shepherd Dog most likely origins from the region of Basque in Spain. saysBasque Shepherd Dog they were allowed to naturally reproduce without human intervention. The remains of a dog found in an old cave are thought to be from the Basque Shepherd Dog. The important information helped historians to find out about the ancient Basque people. Some Basque Shepherd Dogs went to America with some Basque Shepherds to work. The law that allowed immigrants to come can be called: The Sheepherder Bill. The breed traditionally has been put into two categories: the soft, smooth-haired Gorbeiakoa, and the rough, shaggy-haired Iletsua.


The Basque Shepherd Dog is like the perfect family dog, they're know for being great with young children, and have incredibly high energy. They are very intelligent, and easy to train. They're bright, quick, and agile. They have a sweet and gentle nature, and are protective of their family. They are eager dogs. They are wary of strangers in general, but can warm to them if the sense of threat is gone.

("Welcome to my kennel!" Then invites you inside. You sit together, along with many dogs.)

I’m trying to get dogs for a sledding team the leader Akiti who is a confident, wise American Indian dog who comes when called and if the owner is in danger can go out and save him/her, Sunburst a yellow with black ears and snout American Indian dog runs somewhere at the side and is quick, and Bear a black Saint Bernard who is quiet and doesn’t speak much, but he’s strong and if snow needs to be dug Thur, etc he can help. And a West Siberian Laika who is short on somethings (doesn't take much time on some things, like arguments or what just happened a second ago) and an Alaskan Husky that's black and white (Irish) with light undersides named Husk. Akiti (lead dog) runs in front, Sunburst at the side, the Siberian Laika that is Brown and White (Irish) with Black Grizzle, Mask, and Light Undersides, on the other side, and Bear and Husk at the back (wheel dogs).

If you want me to breed types of dogs that meet some requirement/s, examples are if you want a brown greyhound, I could probably breed some dogs and then sell you the brown dog you wanted. Just request, remember it may take a while, and depending on breed and what I can find it may be impossible, usually not though! :) MESSAGE FOR CERTAIN DOG REQUESTS!!! 2DiMyA.png

This is my first account 1509601but I couldn't get back in. Usual buy thing: 5000 for what I bought him for 100 for each level 1000 for the multiplier 10 for each HH 5 for each Hh Correct me if I got the math wrong and you might have him for free!

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