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I broke my about page, so please standby while I fix it. ;-;

Hey, I'm Atrox.

I'm female so she/her, but I could care less. I'm 2 hours behind FP time. I'm friendly, so you can message me if you'd like. I don't bite!

I own one dog. I also have a mean cat and a sweet guinea pig. I spend a lot of time drawing and writing. I'm learning HTML. I also enjoy roleplaying, which I am always open for - just DM me. I mostly roleplay anthros, humans, and canines.

I'm not very invested in the dog side of FP, and mostly come on here to talk, roleplay, and buy and sell art. I do keep a few dogs, although I don't usually breed or sell them since I keep them for mostly sentimental reasons.

Game Time

10:24pm on Jan 27

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