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Welcome to The acorn Dog Rescue! TaDR has started a little while ago when I saw someone's kennel. Their dogs were neglected and they were just being used to breed what looked like every day or so. I then saw the needs of neglected, unwanted and abused dogs so I slowly saved up to upgrade my kennel, and started to rescue dogs and take In unwanted dogs. And now here is The acorn Dog Rescue (TaDR) If you want to rehome your dog then I guarantee that I will find them a loving forever home. Mostly I take in the dogs who have been abandoned at the humane society, but sometimes I check the sales listings for dogs who are being neglected or mistreated and sadly most of those dogs have "bad genes" so are less likely to be bought If you are interested in adopting a dog then place a bid on it, every time someone places a bid on a dog i do a kennel check and if your dogs are not cared for then I will message you and ask some questions so be warned for that! Also if you want to adopt a dog but you can't right now then you can message me and I will reserve it for when you can adopt. The acorn Dog Rescue Notice: I will not be playing for a while due to personal reasons. So sadly I am not rescuing any dogs over the next few weeks. Remember to send me a message and reserve the dog(s) that you want!

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