Siwa's Starstrucks

Welcome to my kennel! I hope you have a great time. Check out my dogs, they're awesome! But most of all, have fun and be nice.
My kennel is named for my name and my favorite singer, JoJo Siwa!!!

NOTICE: From now on I will not sell dogs for free unless you have asked me and are eligible to get one. You must bid higher than zero or I will reject your bid. There are only a few exceptions. If you want to know if you're eligible to get a free dog, message me okay. Thanks!

GUESS WHAT? I'm getting a new dog named (insert drum-roll).......Bow-Bow! This little Yorkie will be named after the famous Yorkie owned by JoJo Siwa! (The namesake of my kennel.) So check her out when you get some time!

HEY GUYS! It's the Halloween season so knock on my door in Shepherd Hills and pick up some awesome treats (and maybe a few tricks, because Halloween isn't complete without some tricks.) Thanks!

Game Time

11:16pm on Mar 5

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