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Welcome to my kennel! Here we have- Your virtual dog could be the next champion! -Breeding - Dog/Pup Sales -Goals I've Got Quality Pembroke Welsh Corgis on I've Got Quality German Shepherd Dogs on ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Breeding Rules -ALL DOGS of yours must be CLEAN and TAKEN CARED of. If I see three dogs in your kennel not fully cared for or groomed I will NOT accept your breeding request. -For males any poor or excellent dog can breed with them :) -For females if you have plain un-colorful dog you want me to breed with it must be of Good or Excellent quality. I will accept fair and poor dogs for females if they're really colorful. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joy News Post `My Labrador Retriever drawing was accused of theft! I didn't steal anything I have 2 accounts on FP and the other one I've used Paint 3D same account but I never stole anything! It's not even like me! What did I do wrong ;( very busy won't be on FP for a while. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dog/Pup Sales Rules -You must follow the clean kennel guide lines in Breeding Rules if you don't I won't sell the dog to you. -If you do have clean kennel you must promise to TAKE CARE of and keep him/her CLEAN. If you don't I will request to have that dog back at whatever price you bought it at. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Goals -To get 100 cookies Cookie Status: 27/100 -One female and male of each dog breed and breed them. -Complete all achievement I need to complete. Completed: 0/5

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11:46pm on Jun 6

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