Mountain Pine Creek

04/14/2024 Update: Hiatus for a some time.

Honza (bid for bid) (#1486086) and michaelwolf (#1500389) are my side accounts. GoaDog420 (#1518901) is sharing the same IP address

I am quite busy on and off (it all depends on my shifts at work) so replies might be slow and my giveaways might take a while to be done.

I will bid on your achievement litters. Feel free to message me.


My kennel is Mountain Pine Creek. I try to breed excellent quality German shepherd dogs.

I am currently focusing on Schutzhund aptitude dogs. I focus on dogs that have INT or STM stats. I also have a few Water work dogs.

Another breeds I am specialising in is the Rhodesian Ridgeback, Kuvasz and Toy Fox Terrier.


I try to breed 24HH lala all Excellent dogs with high multiplier (1.500 and above), but I do not consider myself As a breeder. I do not have lines of dogs bred from generation 1, 90% of my dogs in my kennels are bought from other players. I am more of a dog competitor.

My kennel prefix is "M0UNT". I do not however put my puppies up for reserves with prefix. I only prefix puppies I am keeping in my kennel.

My litters and puppy buying "policy" - when I breed a litter I really like, I usually keep one or both puppies from that litter. If I can not decide which puppy to keep, I usually pick them after aptitude testing. If I am not going to keep a puppy/puppies from my litters, the puppies are up for reserves.
I usually accept the highest bid on my puppies.

My kennel properties are quite under construction. Kennel labels may not be true.

I breed my female dogs at either age 101 only, or at 98 and 110 age.
If you want to buy a dog or a puppy from my kennel that is not up for sale, message me. I might sell you the dog, but I also might not.
If you want to breed your dog to a dog from my kennel that is not up to breeding requests, message me.
I have no special requirements you have to follow in order to breed with my doggies.

A lot of my male dog studs are locked, so please, if you want to breed your female to my studs and my stud is locked, send me a message and I will unlock him. I try to look and unlock dogs when I get your breeding request, but sometimes I forgot to do so.

I am locking my studs aged 101+ every morning. This may happen after I accept your breeding request. Do not take this personally. Please message me to unlock the stud again.(: Thanks!

About me:
I am a young man in his late-20s from the Czech republic. I am a father of two. I used to work on a small organic dairy farm, now I work on a huge farm as a cattle veterinary technician (livestock specialist or cattle technician or whatever it is called in English, my job is called a zootechnik in my language so apologises if I confused you). I am not a veterinarian though. I also have a homestead. I have 1 dog (smooth fox terrier mix) and 2 cats.. I also have goats, sheep, chickens, geese and rabbits. My hobbies include farming, gardening and motorbikes. I listen to 70´s and 80´s songs. I also love watching 70´s and 80´s movies (mostly action movies, such as Rambo, Terminator, Rocky, Scarface, Mad Max, Jaws, etc.) and 70´s and 80´s horror movies (I am obsessed with slasher movies).
Feel free to message me and add me as a friend!

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