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Welcome to my kennel! Here at the shelter we save dogs from bad condition and for homes for them We are sponsored by Hawkey (#1210552) Thank you for supporting us hawkey If you can no longer take care of your dog let us know If you want to adopt a dog we have some new rules 1) place a bid on the dog you wish to own 2) full out the form below in a message to me 3) send the message Adoption form Name: User ID: Amount of dogs in your kennel: Kennel name: Why you want this dog : Will he \ she breed with other dogs Adopting a dog We welcome you to adopt any dog who is for adoption Foster's needed If you want to foster please message me and I will tell you all current dogs for foster and you can pick *** Note once a suitable home is found for the dog you foster they will go to there new home*** Dogs in foster homes Fin-Lily (#1484230) - adopted Star-Lily (#1484230) - adoptedPenny-Deer (#1470590) I've Got Quality Mastiffs on Furry-Paws.comI've Got Quality Toy Poodles on

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