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Please message me if you have an unwanted dog.

Dog of The Week


level: 36

Age: 80 days

All dogs ready for adoption:

- Are up to date on all vaccines and gene tests

- Are registered into their appropriate Cassos

- Have a minimum level of 5

-Have all the items that fit their personality

Always looking for donations of:







When you sponsor a dog you get first pick when they are ready for adoption. Sponsors also get half off a purchase of 2-5 dogs. The minimum sponsorship payment is $500 (donations are accepted)

I will be checking the kennel of anyone who wants to adopt to make sure all dogs are going to good homes.

Dog price:

60 days or younger- $500 for 1 or 350 for 2+

61 days or older- $250 for 1 or 150 for 2+

If you are unhappy with your purchase I will give you a 99% refund

Game Time

06:57pm on Jul 26

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