Hey guys its Tomboy here! My name used to be Alleyway and I like warm hugs! Nah I’m just kidding. Anyways I live on a farm with 3 horses, 6 dogs, and 5 cats and then a lot of other animals like cows, chickens, pigs, you know. Anyways I love Gacha Life if you want me to send you a video I’ve made I will!! I love to RP too!!! Selling: If they meant something to me in breeding, sports, etc: Money based on how well they did or not Rare coloring that took me forever to get: 33,000 Coloring from Halloween Event or grapes: 2,000 All Excellents: 10,000 Level: 1,000 for each level Adoption fee: 500

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01:32am on Jul 2

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