Affenpinschers Are The Best

Hi, I am Hannah, I love dogs! I am doing 4-H with mine right now, message me if you have any questions about 4-H. I also love god. Feel free to message me about god or 4-H. :) Have a great day and know that god loves you! I also keep and save very old dogs. I have not that many friends but the ones I have are amazing! Florentinchen: You are one of my best friends, you are very wise and very supporting! Thank you for being my friend! Livdeer: You are SO nice and funny, I love chating with you, and would, in a instant, pack up to meet you! You should know you have a very loving personality! ;) Stormy: You are one of my first friends, I talk a lot about you, and really enjoy talking with you. You have such a amazing personality! I LOVE Onni, he is so cute, and I really want to meet you at one of your dog shows! Summer: I met you as soon as you joined, and really enjoyed talking with you, and you have a beautiful personality, and you make friends every where you go! So that is an amazing quality. Thank you for being my friend. :) Aerosmith: Thank you for being my friend, I really enjoy talking to you, you have a very understanding quality, and you know just what to say, you are also very talented, I hope school is going good for you! :) Oli: My very best friend, she is always nice and sweet, I believe fate led us together, and in a heartbeat I would leave to go meet her. She is always up for a laugh and loves to talk. I feel like I know her inside and out, my sister from the other side of the world. And if you truly believe in fate, then listen to this. When I first joined it asked for time, I am stupid and picked a random time, not my own. It turned out to be, to the second, the time where she lived. So yeah, and she has the exact same name as my dog, and joined furry paws 10 days before me. (I had another account before this one) And my best friend who is a boy was born 10 days after me. And she is my best friend who is a girl. 10 days before me. So, very ironic.

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