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BluSky Kennels

What does this kennel focus on?

The BluSky project has been going strong since December 2018. I focus on breeding dogs who look like my real Siberian Huskies. I also focus on giving them the highest quality health ratings (EEEE), sledding aptitude, and the large litter gene (LALA). I'm open to purchasing dogs from other players, however they must be imported dogs with SlSl, yy, UU, bb, and awaw. I don't outcross often. Currently I'm not open to project partners atm.

How much do your dogs cost?
I'll probably price my dogs at 40,000-75,000 depending on how things work out and the market. However, these prices aren't set in stone and they could change in the future. I'll look into kennels who have made good progress with their lines and who are eager to use my dogs. Dogs may be sold with my own prefix. For now, none of my dogs are for sale.

Do you need any FPD/breeding tips?

No, I don't need a ton of FPD to continue with a project. I appreciate you giving me FPD to help me with my lines, but know I may only spend 15%-25% on it for my project. I don't need any breeding advice either, I already have it planned out, but once again, thank you for helping me lol.

Genes Involved

bb, SlSl, UU, lala, 24 HH, awaw, stmx4, Sledding aptitude in both projects

2568-A0-FB-89-B3-4743-8291-6911-D30-C86-C3 92-E6-EECE-52-D9-463-D-8-A4-D-D05-F94-D05-AD4


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