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Dog of the Month:

Similar to EOM (Employee of the Month) dogs also get their recognition. Dogs are displayed here when I think they have impeccable genes for their generation, have produced outstanding puppies, have accomplished achievements, and/or are simply my favorites. If you PM me, I'll make your dog DOM (must PM before new DOM), however I would prefer if the nominee has achieved something and isn't a rescue kennel. This helps you get your kennel name out there, it's especially great for newbies. Keep in mind, a dog will not be displayed DOM twice in a row.

September 2020


First bred dog of the summer. LALA, Stmx2, correct coloration

Bred By:


About The Kennel:

Est. December 2018

Thanks for checking out my About Page! Blusky Kennels was named after my two Siberian huskies, Blu and Sky. Their names perfectly fit together to create a beautiful kennel name. They are my first purebreds, and ever since, I've taken a liking to the breed. They've also inspired me to breed Siberian huskies on Furrypaws that resemble them, not only that, but I want my Furrypaws dogs to be the best they can be. Over the course of nearly 20 generations, my dogs have double stats in Stamina, lala for large litters, and sledding aptitudes! The only thing left is to finally fix their health.. which will hopefully be completed soon!

Great Race of Mercy:

The Siberian Husky is one of the most popular and recognizable breed of dog in the world. Currently, the Siberian Husky ranks in the top 20 most popular purebreds in the United States. This breed rose to fame nearly 100 years ago, and ever since then, the beautiful Siberian Husky has won the hearts of dog lovers. I925 was an outstanding year for the breed, and rightfully so. During that year, the Serum run to Nome, also known as the Great Race of Mercy, took place between January 27th to February 1st. An epidemic of a deadly disease called Diphtheria swept the small town of Nome in the then-US territory of Alaska, and the only way to retrieve the much-needed Diphtheria antitoxin was via dog sled relay. A team of 20 mushers and approximately 150 sled dogs braved the dangerous journey from Nome to Nenana, covering a total of 700 miles in just 5 days. During the relay, 4 dogs had died and nearly all the mushers were suffering in some way or another. After the teams had completed the race, they made national headlines across the entire United States and were portrayed as heroes (which they were!). Although Balto became the most famous dog of that era, he and the rest of the team were sold to the highest bidder and were to end up chained in a novelty museum and freak show. Fortunately, the dogs were rescued. Despite Balto's controversial fame overshadowing Togo's achievements, Togo and his team, led by the musher Leonhard Seppala, covered the longest distance of 260 miles and was the longest and most dangerous, compared to Balto who traveled a mere 55 miles. Togo never received the proper amount of credit, but in 2019 a film called "Togo" was released depicting the "true hero" of the Great Race of Mercy.

Dogs of War

It's hard to imagine that lovable dog laying lazily in the sun had ancestors who served during World War II.

Ancient Origins

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Stud Dogs:

September 2020

Non available. Stud dogs will only be publicly available once they have reached level 40 or higher.

Kennel Policies:

  • I don't accept transfers, unless we're collaborating.
  • Please don't ask if I'm selling any of my dogs apart of my breeding project or litters! However, I do have non-speciality dogs for sell occasionally.
  • I don't give my dogs to rescues, because my dogs don't need saving.
  • I have standards for my dogs, so I won't be studding/selling to inexperienced players or players with no objectives in mind.
  • I only breed Siberian huskies here, don't ask if I have any other breeds that aren't my speciality.
  • Currently, I am accepting any partnerships or shared prefixes.
  • I don't breed achievement litters or dogs for you, again, unless if we're a partnered kennel.
  • If something wasn't addressed here, don't hesitate to message me. I'm also always open to friend requests or chatting, although I may take awhile to answer because I can forget!


  • Puppies! Puppies! Puppies! I'm so proud of myself lol, the newest litters of the Sky project have achieved EGEE! We're so close, and from there it's maintaining the HH count. 2020/09/18
  • New litters bred! Thankfully the ears have gone from a fair to a good. Also, today is 9/11 Remembrance Day. 2020/09/11
  • 2 litters for the Blu project have been bred. Unfortunately I accidentally locked in poor ear health but hopefully my next pairing will fix it. :/ 2020/09/8th
  • 2 litters for the Sky project has been bred. Pups have improved health. Will be aptitude tested soon (only the father has the sledding aptitude). 2020/09/5th
  • It's been awhile, but I finally came back from my kennel hiatus and bred 2 litters. It's a small start, but it's something. Hopefully, if the FP calculator suits me right, I will finally improve my dogs' health. Stay tuned and see what pups might be produced in September! 2020/08/30th

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05:33am on Sep 21

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