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Welcome to my kennel! I'm currently on summer vacation but might not be able to play FP as much as I'd like to. I hope you guys stay safe and have fun. I will alwaysthank the first friend I made here on FP, her name is Fox, she's the one who helped me since the day I started FP. Thank you so much Fox! You're the best. Always. Anyways I am ColliesForever. I love Collies and they make me so happy. You can check out my kennel to see my dogs if you'd like. You can message me to get to know me better or to ask about my dogs. I will accept friend requests, but before that please message me and let's get to know each other before I accept your friend request. Thank you! I like playing online games, watching YouTube, I'm an animal lover, I especially love dogs and cats. Also, I don't reply to messages right away. Please understand if I don't reply right away. I try my best to care for my dogs and manage my kennel as much as I can. I am quite busy even if I'm on vacation. I'll try my best to be active. - ColliesForever

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10:04pm on Apr 3

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