Arcadia Spaceship

Welcome to the Arcadia Spaceship.

• Xolo Village :
The Xolo Village is the first kennel the Arcadia Spaceship own. In this are breed Xolos dogs.

• The Little Room :
A little space in which are living some random other dogs that aren't Xolos, but are still living in the Arcadia Spaceship.

• Reptilarium :
There is a room in the Arcadia Spaceship called the "Reptilarium". In this room you can find two reptiles raised by the captain. A snake and a baby dragon who will soon grown and help the Arcadia for governing the world.

• As4S4 prefix :
The Realgar is a beautiful red mineral, made of Arsenic.
Mixed with dark matter, it creates a really strong material. Used to build the Arcadia Spaceship.

No dogs are bought. The only exception is if I have a heart stroke and it is quite rare.

It is possible to find some other dogs than Xolos in the Arcadia Spaceship, but for the moment, they are only for pleasure, not for breeding. More like companions.

So thank you for visiting the Arcadia Spaceship, and maybe see you when we will have good Xolo puppies to sell.

Game Time

04:27am on Apr 16

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