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Well since you are already here, you may as well read the rest and, hint hint, go to my shop! :D Welcome to my kennel! My dogs are as crazy as me! Go make sure to visit my awesome shop, Dog Paradise ________________Shop__________________ I sell loads of stuff you need for a low price and be sure to read the little paragraph about the shop because it talks about how I'm happy to lower the prices and go out of my way to get you the thing you desperately need! I don't use the rubbish in my inventory for the shop I go out to the market and buy new stuff for all of you! Watch out though because there is a lot of Barky Bites there!!! We actually have the cheapest Barky Bites in the whole of FP! ________________Dogs__________________ I'm a competitor but after competing I think I will slowly change to being a breeder. I'm happy to look after any dogs for a while for you if you can't look after them and finally, I also pick up rescue dogs from the humane society! A while ago a friend of mine nearly dumped loads of dogs but I was able to save them and give them a good home in my kennel. Now the majority of my fine animals are those abandoned dogs!

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