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Welcome to my kennel! I breed talented and good dogs of the breed of jack russell terriers under the prefix J-pot. My top Jack Russells are breed with an eye for traits typical for the breed: Agility, intelligence, speed and strength. My dogs have great results in a lot of different dog sports - especially in agility and earthdog trials. I often have young dogs up for sale so keep and eye on me and get a great future sports dog for a very fair price. News: - I have great Jack Russell terrier puppies reservable under J-pot Prefix! All with great major breed group stats and all in great health with either "excellent" or "good" in the categories "hips", "elbows", "eyes" and "ears". Make a bid on your future sportsdog today! - I have started breeding Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Dalmatians, Irish Wolfhounds and Saarloos Wolfdog. My speciality is still Jack Russell terriers

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07:15am on Jul 30

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