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Hello! Hi! You there! My name is Selby, I'm an 18 year old college freshman at a tiny Christian campus in Appalachia. I'm certified as an EMT-A, volunteering at an animal shelter and the local campus farm! I'm more than happy to help with school, I also tutor all ages and many subjects at a local student center. I have two dogs, both mutts, back at home. One, Quinntiford Winston, is a suspected staffie/lab mix. He is my joy, brilliant, stubborn, and mischievous. He's about 65 pounds, has cow patches on his chest (where the melanin varies on his skin it looks like cow markings), and is allergic to chicken and beef. That dog eats better than I do. His birthday is designated to be on March 17th and he is 2 years old (born in 2015). My other baby, Cara Mae, is my darling bull mastiff/lab mix. She is around 100 pounds, barrel chested, and has bad hips. She is lazy (my cuddle buddy), loves to sunbathe, and incredibly patient. Her favorite things are naps and snacks. Her birthday is estimated to be on November 30th and she is 3 years old (born in 2013). They are both rescue dogs, we got Cara from a shelter and Quinn from animal control before he got registered into the system (my county doesn't allow the adoption of staffies, he would've been put down and he was MAYBE 2 months old, we think about 6 weeks). They are what I miss most about home, and I go home around every 2 weeks just to go see my babies. Although I am in college AND working AND volunteering, I want to spend as much time here as possible. I am certainly welcoming friend requests and invite you to message me to strike up a conversation. I am more than happy to sell puppies to you, breed my dogs with yours or for you to breed your dogs with mine (as long as the dog you're wanting to breed is in the "Outsourced" kennel), and I will buy and sell dogs as well!

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