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Welcome to my kennel! Here I buy rescue dogs and care for them best as I can. When I feel that the dogs are ready, I breed and show them! I also have my own show dogs, as well as just pets. Border Collies dominate our Kennels. They are the dogs we focus our attention on the most, breeding and showing wise. We have both Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs and Saarloos Wolfdogs, as well as a small group of Gorden Setters, but they are some of the best in the show world. ________________________________________________________________________ *RESCUE DOG RULES* I do put dogs up for adoption once they are ready. If you see a dog you like, but it is not for sale, that means that dog is not ready. I will look through your kennel to make sure you are caring for your dogs. No exceptions. I am not strict, but will not bend the rules. The dog must be well cared for. If you do not want the dog anymore, don't sell it. I will take it back, and you will have your money back. Please don't feel embarrassed if you can't keep the dog anymore, I will gladly take it back. Each dog will be 600 FP dollars. If I see that your kennel is taken care of and your dogs are in good condition, I will message you to ensure that you read my About page. You MUST PM me for requirements before adopting a dog. I don't care how much money you offer. You must PM me. When you bid on a dog, please come read the About Page. Once you have confirmed that you have read it, I will accept your request. *PLEASE READ: Off hiatus finally! Exams are over, and I will be pretty active all summer. Also, I have decided to change up the adoption system a bit. 1. If there is more than one person bidding on a dog, whoever is first has first dibs. Please note, however, that if you are the first and you do not reply to me within 24 hours, I will let the dog go to the next person. 2. If there is a dog you like but it isn't up for sale, I will hold it for you until it's ready. 3. I will not be boarding dogs anymore. I am staying strictly a rescue, rehabilitation, and foster kennel, as well as showing and breeding on the side. So, you can place offers on some of my show dogs now. ________________________________________________________________________ Our best show dogs will be listed here: Name: NCT DK109 Louie Breed: Bluetick Coonhound Gender: M Lvl: 56 Age: 102 Breeding Price: $10,000 ________________________________________________________________________ Name: NCT DK109 Emma Breed: Bluetick Coonhound Gender: F Lvl: 55 Age: 102 ________________________________________________________________________ Name: NCT DK109 Sly Breed: Bluetick Coonhound Gender: F Lvl: 54 Age: 102 ________________________________________________________________________ Name: ChM DK109 Diana's Gems "Diana" Breed: Border Collie Gender: F Lvl: 40 Age: 102 ________________________________________________________________________ Name: ChFl DK109 Crazy Candy "Candy" Breed: Border Collie Gender: F Lvl: 40 Age: 101 ________________________________________________________________________ Name: MT DK109 Sky's The Limit "Sky" Breed: Border Collie Gender: M Lvl: 38 Age: 102 Breeding Price: $12,000

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