Blondi's Lavender Path Kennels


Welcome to Lavendar Path Kennels. We are working on a line of 24 HH lala German Shorthaired Pointers from scratch. Once accomplished, the dogs will be bred explicitly for field trials.

Information here will be filled out soon


Can I be your friend? Yes you can! Just don't send me a random friend request if we've never spoken before.

Can I message you? Yes!

Will you give me some FPD/donations? I might, you can ask me!

I have questions about the game. Please help me! I will almost always answer your question, but please submit more detailed questions to the Newbie Helper box.



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Font: Rainwood by Ian Mikraz.

Background: Coconut Tree by David Sola via Unsplash.

Layout: Custom/Commission by DeathPretzel(#1443738).

Game Time

01:26pm on Jun 4

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