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Welcome! I breed for 24HH lala all excellent dogs. Currently all of my Border Collies and Australian Cattle Dogs have met this! I'm currently Breeding: Border Collies, Smooth Collies, Australian Cattle Dogs, and Ibizian Hounds

My current progress for my Borders is to specifically breed for tracking to better their competition stats since they are all perfect genetically.

Get 20 mil: 13,670,403 /20,000,000

Dog Goals!
Have ten perfect Izibian Hounds 1/10
Have 20 perfect Border Collies 17/20
Have FIFTY EEEE 24HH lala dogs 28/50

I've Got Quality Australian Cattle Dogs on

I've Got Quality Ibizan Hounds on

I've Got Quality Border Collies on

I'm currently selling off a bunch of my dogs, except for my borders and Australians! Thanks for stopping by!

I'm no longer active during the weekend, please do not send me messages over the weekend. I am mostly active from 9:46-10:27 am and sometimes 3:08 pm. I come on to collect my money, care for the dogs, then support at least two things then I leave to work on my school work. I am sorry if this is an inconvenience.

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07:45pm on Jun 17

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