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What's going on here?

Welcome! There isn't that much going on here...but I'm always up for a chat. I'm very friendly. I also enjoy art and I'm doing custom tags on the Art Sales board for only 50k, and I'd be thrilled to do any character or ref you want me to do. I'm also running for president in the Flock Guardians casso so...a vote would be appreciated. That's about it! #BoycottFPPInflation

I don't accept random friend requests, but if I know you, please don't hesitate to send one. Even if I don't know you, you can always pm me for a chat! If you need help with something on FP, also feel free to message me (or just use the help box). I may be less active in the near future, but I'll always pop in here and there. ;)

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What we do

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My goal here is to breed quality dogs and have fun raising them. I am also planning on starting a line of excellent quality Mini Aussies (maybe work towards 24HH) and maybe Shelties after if I'm successful. I am also working towards my Gold Progenitor Medal so please check out my puppies if I have any at the moment.
Dogs have always been a huge part of my life. I originally joined FP for the dog side, but I never realized there were so many other wonderful things like the chat, art, etc. So I apologize if my pixels are looking a bit dirty. ;)

About Me
Shelby l F l USA l Scorpio

I own one dog IRL: A 5-year-old tri-color Mini Aussie named Koopa. He's a little weird, but he's got his own personality and preferences. I like it. He's a good boy too. Yes, that's his picture right to the left. (Isn't he cute??)

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