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About Me

Name: Ariana

Age: 16 (turning 17)

Nationality: Private

Hobby/Hobbies: Doodling, singing, random dancing, more to be discovered...

Likes: Unicorns, pandas, virtual , friends, cute kittens, art, dogs, food (yet I'm picky), more to be discovered...

Bad Habits of Mine (oops!): Procrastinating, not taking care of my health

Das it! :P

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My Business

Fostering: I foster 1-10 dogs per person for $2,000 FPD per dog.

Art: I am currently finishing off my last recolor. I will not accept anymore offers.

Shop: Clicky for my shop!

Clinic: Clicky for my clinic!

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Game Time

06:33pm on Mar 6

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