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Welcome to Rueath Kennels!

We are home to 3 breeds currently German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies and Silken Windhounds.

Disciplines our dogs compete in vary based on breed:

The GSDs range from Schutzund, Obedience, and Tracking.
The Pointers compete in Hunting and Field Trials.
The Silken Windhounds compete in Racing or Flyball.

Huskies compete in Sledding or Pulling.

Please note due to the hours i work i'm on more at night than i am during the daytime hours. If you send a breeding request in i'll approve it once i'm online. So if there is a delay in the breeding being approved that's why :)

We have a variety of studs open for public breeding between the 4 breeds we dabble in. We also will have pups for sale from time to time. Any of our breeding dogs that are locked will be unlocked for breeding requests. once the breeding is completed they will be relocked. If a breeding has not been completed within 7 days the breeding will be rejected and the male relocked *if it is a dog that is locked*. Also note that if a female has been bred and isn't able to be bred due to having had a litter of pups recently the breeding will not be approved. Only females that are able to be bred when the breeding is accepted by me will be allowed.

Requirements in purchasing a pup.

Please Show the dog to its utmost potential. If the dog no longer fits into your program we'd be happy to take the dog back. Just shoot me a message and let me know you're returning the dog to our care. I do work night shift (7p-7a shifts) usually so it won't be til evening hours that i get a chance to reply as i'm asleep during the day.

Any other questions feel free and ask :)

Potentially later on down the road i might add some different breeds but for now the 4 i have are whats going to be used :)

Posted 1-30-22 All dogs in Breeding Only Dogs Kennel 1 will be retired in 2 weeks. Get your last chance breedings now before those dogs are retired!

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