Welcome to kennel Udûn

Welcome to kennel Udûn, we specialize in a number of breeds but the main six are American Pit Bull Terriers (CHA), Central Asian Shepherds (STR), Belgian Malinois (INT), Dutch Shepherds (STR), Border Collies (STM) and Irish Terriers (INT). Our goal is to produce dogs that have 24HH, lala, 4x stat boosts that show well. All of my dogs are cared for everyday and have level appropriate items equipped. Main breeds have superior items equipped after reaching level 50.

» Sorry, but I don't accept friend requests!
» Do not message me begging for dogs or items.
» Do not message me pushing your religion agenda, it's disrespectful.
» Don't message me saying I'm mistreating computer generated pixels lol.

About the owner
» My name is Mangle, or if you want to get formal you can call me Ashley as well. I have been on Furry Paws since 2006. I reside in the western United States where the temperatures are pretty much scorching year round. I own five dogs who I compete with every so often, I have been involved in canine competitions for 11 years now and have been training dogs since I was quite young, so now going on 16 years. I own five dogs, a labrador named Dixie, a Border Collie named Honey Badger, two BC x ACD x Aussie mixes named Replay and Azula and a Belgian Malinois named Mangle. Dog #6 is coming next year, I'm on the list for a nicely bred Border Collie (I swear I don't have a BC addiction). Azula is the daughter of Badger and Replay and is my future competition dog, if things don't settle down and she doesn't debut then it's not the end of the world to me, she's a fun little dog regardless. I love anything that has to do with horror, the macabre, halloween is my favorite holiday (the best time for home decor shopping imo), pretty much consider myself to be a lazy goth lol. I love gardening, the outdoors, reading and gaming. I'm obsessed with reptiles and dogs. I'm a PC and nintendo switch gamer, I love horror games and movies but I mainly play Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, Pokemon, Minecraft, The Hunter: Call of The Wild and the like. I'm obsessed with LOTR/The Hobbit and I'm a big fan of Pokemon, mostly gen 1-2 because I'm old school; I still collect cards and memorabilia :D
» 26 years old
» Pronouns: She/Her - They/Them

My personal dogs
» Leader's Lucky Strike FM MBDCH DM DS AS CGC TF-III
» Monsoon's It's Just A Spark DJ CGC UADMJ FDX TF DS
» Invade, Destroy, Repeat DS CGC RATI TF-III FDCH-S TKA
» Faodail Slick By Design DN
» Faodail's Into The Inferno



Breeding and Sales

Dogs in my breeding program are only bred at 98/110 days or once at 101 days.
The only exception to that rule is if I'm working towards 24HH.

» Dogs are not trained in sports they do not have a breed stat boost in, ie. Irish Terriers or Greyhounds in tracking, Belgian Malinois in musical freestyle etc.
» Dogs are not double trained but instead are only trained in one sport to make sure they gain the maximum experience and placements.

» Dogs will ALWAYS have level appropriate items/food and are never fed with barky bites. Leveled dogs do not miss a day of showing or training.
» Once Diversifier achievement dogs reach level 30 they will be for sale for 5k. If they aren't sold within three to four weeks they will be retired.
» If a puppy is not up for reservation then that means it is NOT for sale.
» Do not message me begging for a dog that isn't available. There are plenty of dogs on the sales listing tab that are available.
» Do not send me a low ball offer on a dog that is or isn't available. What ever price I have the dog up for sale for is not negotiable.
» If the dog isn't up for sale it's not for sale. Please do not ask.
» I will not lower the price for you, sorry.
» Take care of your dogs is really all I ask
» I do accept FPP for dogs. 1FPP = 3mil
» Do not immediately resell the dog for more than what you bought it for.

Stud Service
» Dogs that are locked are not available for breeding.
» I don't have any rules as far as inbreeding as all of my dogs are inbred and linebred, they're pixels so it really doesn't matter.
» Your female must be level 50 or higher.
» All of my males have a set stud fee of 500k.
» Females who have been bred 2 or more times will be denied. This is because females bred more than twice have reduced litter quality.
» Along with a stud fee, I may request second pick of the litter(SPoL).

Progenitor Litters
» Progenitor litters are always free, so therefore I do not care what you do with the puppy you reserved. Lock it, retire it, breed it, do as you wish.
» Only ONE bid per account please. I will reject multiple offers from the same account.
» I do bid for bid on progenitor litters, if I forget or don't see the notification then please feel free to send me a message!




A list of past and present dogs from my line, or in my care who won BOB or BOS.

Best Of Breed (Main Breeds)
» American Pit Bull Terrier
3x: Udûn Martin
1x: Udûn Impending Doom
2x: Udûn Severe Torture
7x: Udûn Stranger Than Fan Fiction

» Belgian Laekenois
13x: Ouija Donnybrook
13x: Ouija Walk On Water
24x: Udûn Party People
6x: Udûn Deep Purple
11x: Udûn My Bidding
4x: SASK' Sass

» Belgian Malinois
5x: Ouija Jailbreak
4x: Ouija Live Wire
5x: Ouija Heatseeker
9x: Ouija Fly On The Wall
9x: Ouija Mistress For Christmas
7x: Ouija Night Prowler
1x: Ouija Mundane
2x: Ouija Obsessed
2x: Udûn Leave Me Alone
4x: Udûn A Million Dreams
9x: Udûn Get The Party Started
19x: Udûn South of Heaven

» Belgian Tervuren
3x: Udûn Tears of Fire
4x: Udûn The Cutie Mark Chronicles
2x: Udûn Sisterhooves Social

» Border Collie
5x: Udûn Starry Night

» Boxer
2x: Ouija Cinnamon
5x: Ouija Broth
5x: Udûn Blue
4x: Udûn Pink
12x: Udûn X-Ray Visions

» Dutch Shepherd
2x: Loon Prisoners of Love
9x: Ouija When Wedding Bells Thaw
2x: Ouija The Silent King
5x: Udûn Abstract
20x: Udûn 13th Century Metal
6x: Udûn Hidden Agenda
2x: Udûn Boop Boop

» Irish Terrier
12x: Ouija Jackaboy
1x: Ouija Betty
1x: Ouija Don't Stop Believin'
2x: Loon Papyrus
23x: Ouija Future
33x: Udûn Nothing on But the Stars
1x: Udûn Women, Amen
10x: Udûn What Was I Thinkin'
16x: Udûn Nice Jacket
5x: Udûn Where Can I Get One
26x: Udûn Roses That Cry
3x: Udûn The Reluctant Heroes
1x: Udûn Call of Silence
28x: Udûn Morbid Angel
30x: Udûn Buss It
10x: Udûn Rarity Investigates!

» Kelpie
3x: Ouija Green Isn't Your Color
8x: Ouija The Show Stoppers
3x: Ouija Red Dog
2x: Udûn 10.12.2 GEEE lala 1.532x
1x: Udûn Finesse

» Pug
1x: uhi Interstellar Overdrive
3x: Udûn The Lost Mattress
7x: Udûn Ghost Host
2x: Udûn Karate Island

» Whippet
1x: Ouija On A Plain
4x: Ouija Slabtown
3x: Udûn Fast Boi
11x: Udûn Drunk In Love
14x: Udûn Triumphant Win
7x: Udûn The Name Game

Best Of Breed (Other Breeds)
9x: Udûn Dash
3x: Ouija Beautiful People
3x: Ouija Red In Love
5x: Udûn 12.11.1 EGEE 1.552x
14x: Udûn Mac
2x: Udûn Playing with Fire
1x: Ouija Lost
2x: Udûn Bombshell
1x: STRMY Rex
10x: Ouija Sleet
1x: Udûn Prey
2x: Udûn Tater
2x: Udûn Tot
3x: Udûn Eyes On Fire
1x: Udûn Beautiful Liar
6x: Udûn Hellraiser
3x: Udûn Speed Demon
5x: DetD Greatest
2x: Udûn Statement
3x: Jinx City of Stars
8x: Udûn St. Anger
3x: SSKD War Cry
2x: GE• Full Moon
1x: RofS Snowman
5x: Udûn Paparazzi
15x: Udûn Squidtastic Voyage
1x: Udûn A Flurry of Emotions
5x: Udûn Honest Apple

Best Of Sport
1x: Udûn Fast Boi
1x: Udûn Morbid Angel
1x: Udûn The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone

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Game Time

06:47pm on May 15

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