Shikoku and Sudoku

Welcome to my kennel! I breed various different breeds, but my favourite breed is the Shikoku. I breed Akita Inu, Beauceron, Belgian Malinois, Bull Terriers, German Shepherds, Great Danes, and Shikoku (first for health, then for colour, then for stats). Have a great day! :) Looking for- Maskless Black (E) Bull Terrier Eye Colour Ignore Merle (p), Brindle (Kbr), Maskless Black (E), Blue (d), Large Litter (la), and/or Piebald (sp) Great Dane End goals- Akita Inu: 24HH lala Ee sisi Ccw intint intint Beauceron: 24HH lala Pp EE Mm intint intint Belgian Malinois: 24HH lala Ccch stmstm stmstm (Completed) Bull Terrier: 24HH lala Kbrk Ee Slsl sisp Ayat Ccch chacha chacha German Shepherd Dogs: 24HH lala kk EmEm bb dd slsl asaasa spsp CC intint intint Great Dane: 24HH lala Pp KbrKbr EmEm bb dd AyAy sisp cwcw intint intint Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs: 24HH lala Ccch stmstm stmstm Shikoku: 24HH lala kk awaw sisi intint intint

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10:09pm on Mar 31

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